글 요약문입니다.


I like to watching movie named voice.

There are main characters  name Moo Jin Huk, Kang Gyun Joo and Mo Tae Goo.Moo Jin Huk is detective  Kang Gyun Joo works in police station.She listen sound well.

Mo Tae Goo is serial killer.

This drama topic is first Mo Tae Goo kill Moo JIn Huk wife and kill other many peoples.

Kang Gyun Joo and Moo Jin Huk invesigate an affair

Im so sad that in the last peorid Mo Tae Goo die in the hospital.oo

This drama has many affair It very very interesting and nervous.


Daily life at kish

My school life is so boring.

My school lunch taste is not good..

I want to eat school food that are delicious!

In school there are many subject.But I don’t like all the subject .

except English and English writting.

In a little while my school has final exam..but good things are after final exam there will have summer vacation!!!!yaaaaa!~

But in summer vacation there has a homeworkㅠㅠ

Never mind..In school there have many fun things too.

We can play with friend!

In the class I want to sleep but I can’t. Because I want to study well and get  great score on final exam.






Girl live in forest

Once opon a time there was a girl living in the forest with her mom.

One day her mother says “you must go school,you need to study.”but the girl dont want to go.

She want to live with her mom.But she must.she went to school,everything is different.

she never seen computer,books,phone,and TV.she was nervous.other student dont like her because she had bad small and she dont know anything about school.

She want to go home she was very sad..

But she dosent give up.she study very hard and read many books.

after 7days she change a lot.In the test she was firstwinner.she was amazing!

In summer vacation she go home to see her mom.Her mother pround of her.

Next day she go to market to buy vegetable,she want to make a food to her mother.

she camw back home but her mother was not there.

She was worry.A few minuts later mom came with a dog.Is a present that mom gave it to her.

she was happy.she made food to her mom.mom says it is so delisous.Mom was happy that her daugther with her.

Girl was happy too.밥상.jpg